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Frequently Asked Questions

what are the requirements for active members?

A: To be considered an active member you must attend 5 forums and 3 events per semester. Being an active member is necessary to be inducted into PTK and to receive your transcript notation.


A: Aside from being part of a nationally recognized club, you become eligible for special PTK scholarships, the opportunity to learn about becoming a board member / regional officer, and put to practice Phi Theta Kappa's hallmarks.

What is this transcript notation you offer from ptk?

A: As part of joining our honor society, you receive a honor notation on your official transcripts*. Once you become inducted (the semester you join), you will receive a special certificate in the mail from PTK HQ and that will allow you to receive the honor notation on your transcripts if you are in good standing every semester (3.0. GPA and achieve at least Active Status).

* Official Transcripts: On SMC's Corsair Connect you are able to access your unofficial transcripts. This unofficial transcript is not an official transcript, which means it does not indicate the section 'Extracurriculars' where your honor notation is found. Unless you order a paper-copy or PDF transcript from SMC you will not see that 'Extracurricular' section. 

Is there anything else other than a 3.0 G.P.A. & 12 completed units at smc to become eligible for Phi Theta Kappa?

A: Nope, all you need to do is come in to one of our forums and turn in the PTK application with the one-time $80* fee paid to our Treasurer.

    Cash or check will be accepted. Please write checks out to "SMC PTK".

 * Please keep in mind that applications are collected along with the cash / check and are almost immediately sent to PTK HQ to officially have you become a PTK member. Refunds are not available because of the reason stated before, so make sure you know this.

can i join ptk if this is my freshman year at smc?

A: If you demonstrate to the board at a forum your transcripts that you had a 3.5 G.P.A. at your high school then you can join as a Provisional member. A provisional member only pays $10 for the semester joining and turns in a Provisional Application to the Treasurer. The following semester if you have completed 12 units at SMC and demonstrate good standing with a 3.0 out of a 4.0 scale G.P.A. at SMC, then you are eligible to turn in a New Member Application with the rest of the $70 to the treasurer. 

What happens if i fall below a 3.0 g.p.a? 

A: You will be considered a "probational member" who will have one semester to bring your G.P.A. back to a minimum of 3.0. Please note that all clubs have their activities occurring during the Spring and Fall semesters, so that means that you technically have Summer & Winter semesters to bring that G.P.A. back up! 

What if i am not a part/full-time student? can i still be a part of ptk?

A: As long as you have been inducted, have taken 12 units, and paid the A.S. membership fee then you are good to go regardless of the units you are taking that semester.

what IS the difference between active, gold, and platinum membership?

A: This all depends on your involvement within PTK. We recognize those individuals who attend more forums and are involved in our activities. The more involved you become in the club, like any other thing, you will get the most out of the experience. Consider active as the member who attends the minimum forums and events to stay part of the club, meanwhile platinum means you attend almost every event and forum during the semester. A letter of recommendation can be provided if you do more than just the minimum and in the process you'll find a greater opportunity within PTK.

What if i want to become a commissioner?

A: You can ask the board in person, or through email, about the possibility of becoming their commissioner. Often the board may present to the entire forum that they need commissioners, but it is always best to ask in person to get an answer right away.

upon being inducted, what if i do not achieve active status? is my MEMBERSHIP revoked?

A: You are not revoked of your membership because once you pay your fee (starting Fall 2017 the fee will be $80) you will have life-time membership. However, you will have one semester to make up the events or forum credits + the already base needed (3 events and 5 forums) to achieve active status. On your Returning Member Application YOU MUST INDICATE in writing on top that you are PROBATIONAL and turn it into the Treasurer. Failure to achieve active status upon being a probational member will not grant you a transcript notation for that semester. (e.g. You don't achieve active status in the Fall, so the Spring semester you are considered a probational member and must achieve active status to be considered in good standing in the upcoming Fall semester of that year.)

Who can i contact in case i have a question regarding my events, situation, or get a quick response?

A: In case of events you should contact the Director of Membership, if there's a situation you can contact any of the board members or advisors, and to get a direct response ASAP may be to contact the board directly. You can go under each respective board member's contact page and fill out the form to send an email. 

How do I create a canvas account?

A: We created a nifty video to walk you through the process.