The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is a highly-selective scholarship for the nation’s top community college students seeking to complete their bachelor’s degrees at selective four-year colleges or universities. The Foundation provides up to $40,000 per year for up to three years, making it the largest private scholarship for community college transfer students in the country. The application period is open from late August to late October. Up to 85 Undergraduate Transfer Scholars are selected each year.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship


Oberndorf lifeline to completion scholarship

Award: 15 scholarships of $1,000 each (Total awards of $15,000)

Deadline: Oct 31st

Phi Theta Kappa's Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship will help Phi Theta Kappa members overcome unanticipated financial barriers preventing the completion of a student’s first college credential, an associate degree or certificate, while enrolled in the two-year college.

Up to fifteen (15), one-time $1,000 Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarships are awarded annually. The scholarship will be paid once the student has submitted documentation of enrollment in a minimum of 6 semester hours in an associate degree program and submits an official transcript showing a minimum 3.0 GPA has been maintained. The scholarship application will open twice each year, Spring Term and Fall term.

This scholarship was created by a collaborative effort between benefactors Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf, the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation, and 2011-2012 International Officers Tameka Wilson, Danielle Swartz, Esteban Smith, Sarah Yates and Jeremy Mathis.

Oberndorf Lifeline to Completion Scholarship


college scholarship program


The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend the nation’s best four-year colleges and universities. College Scholars receive up to $40,000 per year, college planning support, ongoing advising, and the opportunity to network with the larger JKCF Scholar community. The application period is open from late September to late NovemberUp to 40 College Scholars are selected for this program each year.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program


Santa Monica College Scholarships



Never forget that there are scholarships available right here at home at SMC! 


Phi theta kappa scholarships

Phi Theta Kappa administers scholarships using a common application. Applicants may apply for one scholarship on the common application or multiple scholarships at the same time. The Fall Common Application opens on October 1 and closes December 3. The Spring Common Application opens on February 1 and closes on April 30. For more information on individual programs, see the information below.

We provide webinars to give students a better explanation about the scholarship process and provide tips on how to go through the application process.  

Kaplan Scholarship

You may qualify for a Kaplan University scholarship. Apply today to learn if you qualify Kaplan University's Achievement Scholarship and Success Scholarship reduce tuition for eligible undergraduate students. That could mean a savings of up to $12,750 off of your Kaplan University program tuition.

Discus Awards


To make your life a little easier, the Discus Awards has created a list of available college scholarships.  The Discus Awards' List of College Scholarships is constantly updated, provides eligibility information, lets you know the application deadline, and even how much scholarship money you could win.

MeritAid Scholarships 

$11 billion in merit-based scholarships is available from colleges. The problem is, it's never been easy to find. Until now!

LinField College

Linfield college has been sending letters to our advisors offering scholarships to students who plan to transfer. “All admited transfer students with a minimum college GPA of 3.25 automatically qualify for transfer scholarships ranging between 11,500-13,500 anually and phi theta kappa scholarships up to 3,000. Linfield also awards grants and work study.” Check it out!


Assisting Phi Theta Kappa students in Community Colleges, College Fish serves to provide information and assist in the future. Students, as part of Phi Theta Kappa, receive the benefit of using the web tool to receive and develop career pathways, whether it will be receiving a Bachelor's degree or enter the workforce. However, College Fish does not just aide in assistance to defining a perfect road for the future studies, but also offers immediate Phi Theta Kappa exclusive scholarships. Log in and find your scholarship today! 


Another great source for college students to define their road and assistance with Fastweb. Finding everything from Financial Aid, to Specific Scholarships, to Discovering the Perfect College, as well receiving Career Advice; Fast Web is the resource waiting to be used to it's fullest potential. Check it out!

Of the Billions of Scholarship Dollars in Our Database, We'll Show You Just the Ones You Qualify For.

College Scholarships

A great search for Scholarships that can be easily accessible and define just what is needed. There is an opportunity to learn, as well an opportunity to receive scholarships and financial aid to make it easier to pay for school. Check it out and unveil scholarships that have been waiting to be in your assistance.