Returning Members

Fellow Kappans,

Welcome back to another semester with Phi Theta Kappa!

Please remember that returning members must fill out the Application Form for every semester in order to receive the Phi Theta Kappa notation on your transcript. Keep in mind that there are no additional costs or membership fees for continuing your membership!

Phi Theta Kappa Important Dates

Returning Member Orientation:  
Date to be announced

Application Deadline:
Date to be announced


  1. You will receive a Phi Theta Kappa notation on your transcript.

  2. Learn more about scholarship and internship opportunities.

  3. Be eligible for exclusive Phi Theta Kappa scholarships.

  4. You will be able to interact with SMC students from different cultures.

  5. Network with like-minded individuals.

  6. Help out the community through volunteering.

  7. Create a network of friends and contacts through our fellowship events.

  8. Be awarded for your great academic and extracurricular effort and achievements.

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