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Meeting Times:  2:30-3:30 in HSS 151

The hazards of climate change are developing and expanding, but they do not have to be open‐ended. While all battles we fight to insure the quality of our lives, and future generations lives must be fought simultaneously, they do not have to be fought alone. Although the current circumstances may prove to be discouraging, you as an individual have far greater impact than you can imagine.

The great thing about volunteering is that it’s contagious. Don’t hesitate to get started because no one else has yet. Before you know it people will see the effort you’ve put in and your eco‐friendly actions will become viral. Don’t hesitate to get started today. Post pictures, and fill us, and your friends in on how you’re making a positive impact on the environment!

Having trouble thinking of significant ways to make a difference without changing your habits too extremely? Or perhaps, you don’t know where to go to get started? Here at Santa Monica College we are starting a program through Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society to help students participate within their college community, and an opportunity to give back. Whether it’s extra credit for a class, or just an opportunity to feel good, there will always be an open spot for any students to get involved These small acts will continue you to expand, and perhaps even spark a passion in you!

what to look forward to

beach cleanups

Trash on the beach isn’t just a problem for marine life, but also a major hazard for us humans too! Sign‐up to volunteer for a beach cleanup this semester and enjoy a great sunny day on the beautiful coast of California! Bring your classmates or friends, and don’t forget to post pictures of your awesome day! Lunch may be provided!

Adopt‐A‐Beach and your group or club can receive a California Coastal Commission certificate of recognition

Visit Heal the Bay for additional volunteer opportunities on the beach!

plant a tree

Hope you’re not afraid to get your hands a little dirty!

To make up for the world’s loss of trees in the past decade we need to plant 14 billion trees a year for 10 years in a row” (UNEP) 

Check out the schedule and sign up now to get together with fellow classmates and friends to plant a tree. We’ll provide the trees, you provide the fun!



pledge dirty for the drought


Join Los Angeles Waterkeeper’s fight to save water in the worst drought California has ever experienced. It easy to pledge, and fun to show off to others on the road! Once you pledge online, you will receive a static cling‐free sticker to put in the window of your car and let others no that your dirty car is for a great cause! Don’t forget to take a picture and #Dirtyforthedrought! Pledge now! 


Come listen to the Community Programs Manager for Los Angeles Waterkeeper, Michael Quill describe the in’s and out’s of how a non‐profit works, and what LA Waterkeeper, does to help the community. Sign up for volunteer programs and discuss possible intern programs. Participate in the Marine Protected Area boat watch trips., or volunteer with their dive program. Learn about where your water comes from and goes to!

Visit Hyperion Water Treatment Plant! Visit the site and call for available times. Tours are ongoing throughout the week! Ask your teacher for possible extra credit, and bring up to 4 friends with you! Whether its for extra credit, or perhaps the activity will possibly benefit what you’re doing with your major, Hyperion tours are incredibly eye opening and educational.